Control and certification organism

The DOP Vinalopó Bagged grape consists of a Control and Certification organism, in accordance with the provisions of the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 standard. Said Control and Certification organism is constituted by a Technical Direction and by a body of Auditors and is authorized to monitor the movement of the grape that is collected, marketed or transited within the production area. Thus, the Control and Certification organism will be in charge of adopting the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the origin and quality of the covered products and so that the processes of production, collection, storage, packaging, labeling and commercialization are adapted to the Regulation. Conditions and the Quality Manual


  • You can download the Rules of CRDOP

Shedule of conditions and single document 

Here you can download the Shedule of conditions and the single document, which are the documents that determine the scope of the certification of the Denomination of Origin; this is: the documents that define the characteristics that the product must meet in order to be certified as a Vinalopó bagged grape with the DOP.

Registration census farmers and census traders 

If you are a producer of VInalopó bagged grape in the geographical area covered by the DOP and you want to  produce Vinalopó bagged grape certified by the Protected Designation of Origin, you can download here the registration forms of the Census of Farmers or the Census of Marketers .

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