The grape in the media

The Vinalopó pocketed Grape has grown in popularity thanks to the efforts made each year by its Regulatory Council, making this Protected Designation of Origin known throughout society, especially for its unique characteristics and the nutritional benefits it provides.

A good proof that all these efforts obtain a great result is the important media presence that the Vinalopó Valley has acquired in recent years. The main publications, national, radio and television channels and digital media echo all the news generated by the DOP Uva de Mesa Embolsada del VInalopó.

The Grape of the Vinalopó Table with DOP becomes the protagonist of all kinds of news, reports and interviews, thus demonstrating its great interest and importance for society.


Thus, among the aforementioned presence we find the emission during the present Campaign 2016 of the RNE program "No es un dia cualquiera" from the Wagner Theater of Aspe.  

The only grape that has good luck

On New Year's Eve, our bagged Grape with DOP becomes the main protagonist of the end of the year. Thousands of Spanish households enjoy the arrival of the new year with twelve grains of the VInalopó bagged Grape with PDO. Specifically, only during that night, a total of two million kilos are consumed. That is why there are many media outlets that visit our fields during those days and to which we thank them for their attention and unbeatable treatment.